Four years ago, I made a one-week trip to London and discovered one of the most amazing thing ever : advertising cards for local call-girls, printed on a cheap glossy coverstock paper and savagely sticked upon the interiors of (not) every phone cabin.
That was all new to me. I didn't even knew about this. So, after finding my first cards, I thought to myself "wow, that's great, I want them all !" and spend the whole week chasing those in every corner of London, from kingston to whitechapel, from the city to the east-end. I even ran into some of the people sticking the cards - two punk girls paid by a sex shop.
Anyway, after six days of intense search, I ended up with approximatively 150/200 different cards. The funny thing about these stuff is the illustration, often stolen from websites and badly photoshopped, with catchlines covering the nipples. I have cards with Tera Patrick, Veronika Zemanova, Lanny Barby, Pamela Anderson and even Naomi Campbell as a "pre-op transexual !" Crazy, isn't it ?

Today, it's a finger-licking blondes special. I hope it pleases you 'cause I will post a lot more of thoses british fake call-girls cards soon. It will be like our regular feature, here, at the PORNOFOKKER.