- - - SOFTY # 7 - - -

Directly taken from the erotica longbox of my friend Anne, I present you Softy, a classy Belgian pocket-publication printed on a deluxe, canson-like paper - a strange fact considering Softy is also a pirate publication with stolen pics and no legal mentions.
The paper didn't helped the scan-quality but the photographs are still nice-looking. I hope you will like them cause there is more Softy on the way.
(what are your thoughts on miss picture number five ? lovely, isn't she ?)

(and if you're french-familiar, you will certainly found the "con*tacts" caption masking the pussy on the cover a little bit funny... in french, "con" is one of the many slang terms for "vagina"... ah, those snasty, nasty frenchies !)


losfeld said...

On en mangerait de la cinquième même si je suis pas fétichiste des marques de bronzage

pornofokker said...

aaah, les marques de bronzage !!! toute une époque... malheureusement révolue. quelle tristesse...