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Bizarre magazine superhero sex issue. Front cover & two interior pages - sorry, there is nothing more worth scanning in this mag.

The model is Jerri Byrne, former temptress on the british version of Temptation Island and regular cover girl for various europeans lad's mags. Think Maxim and FHM - unchallenging, photoshopped and mass marketed mainstream stuff. Sad, I know, but that's what erotica is nowadays...
Anyway, on a lighter note, if you're into the fetishistic side of our beloved super-heroïnes (and who is not in love with the bodies and spandex-costumes of, say, Miss Marvel, Ultra-Girl or Power Girl ?), I think you will dig these feature. it's fun, colorfull and the background drawnings are the work of the great american illustrator Kieron Dwyer.