- - - CLIN D'OEIL # 6 - - - [ PART 1 ] - - -

Clin D'Oeil # 6, december 1984. Published by the strange guys at 33, passage Jouffroy in Paris (9).
In the late seventies and early eighties, they were specialized in grade-Z movies revues (the fantastic Ciné Choc), porno-movies magazines (Blue Video Films) and classy erotica studies (Fascination, by Rollin's collaborator Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Curiosa, etc.)
(oh, and picture one : sun marks ! yay !!!)


Shon Richards said...

It is so strange to see that much pubic hair without it being the focus of the image. Man I miss the 80's.

pornofokker said...

sadly, I don't own a lot of eighties porn and erotica magazines... Most of my collection is 70's and 90's. But I will try to focus a little bit more on this period in the coming weeks.

Peter said...

Man, AUD is gorgeus, love her hair, up and down, yeahhhh