Let's post some vanilla-porn content, don't you mind ? Well, in fact, if you do mind and if fake-breasted contract girls and modern age mainstream hardcore annoy the s*** out of you, don't hesitate, say it to me.

Personnally, I like the vanilla-flavored porn. I just wish the current mainstream big productions agencies would mind doing more pinup-like features and less gynaecology-heavy close-up. But you can't fight modernity and a dick throbbing for 20 minutes a shaved-pussy taken on a photomicrograph focus is modern HxC actual definition.
Ok, ok, I will quit playing the grumpy pornophile. Mainstream production also have its own merits. Like... funny starlets ?

I have already posted something about Carmen Luvana. A flashy cover for Club magazine, here.


AndyDecker said...

There should be a law against those bolt-ons. And it always look like shit, and still they never learn.

pornofokker said...

awww, man, you're breaking my heart ! fake boobies are fun, too !